Happy Earth Day! Love Your Mother!

Today, in honor of the earth, take many mini retreats:
Fill up a glass with cool fresh water, drink slowly, savor it, repeat often. Say thanks!
Stop often and take a deep breath, smell the fresh spring air, stand next to a lilac bush and let yourself get high on it's perfume. Say thanks!
Eat local fresh fruit and vegetables. Slowly. Savor each bite. Say thanks!
Dig in the dirt, plant a seed. Marvel at the abundance arising from the soil. It is a miracle. Say thanks!
Look around you. Like a small child notice all the little miraculous gifts of spring: earth worms, flowers everywhere, emerging plants, baby squirrels, birds nesting, birds calling, birds returning to the Valley for summer. Say thanks!
Feel your body. You too are part of the earth. Your physical, primal, animal body is the biggest gift you have. Say Thanks!

Happy Earth Day! Love you Mother! Love yourself!