Metta Meditation

Take a comfortable seat.  Be fussy, you might be here for a while.  Tend to your body, your posture, and your breath.  Find ease.

Envision someone with whom you struggle, someone who creates difficulty in your life.  Picture them standing in front of you. 

Picture them surrounded by a deep golden light.  Ask for them all that you want for yourself. 
For example you can repeat  the following mantra:
"May you be peaceful and at ease. May your life be happy.  May you have health and prosperity.  May you be filled with loving kindness.  May you be free."  (adapted from A Path with Heart, Jack Kornfeld and Freedom from Bondage in Alcoholics Anonymous).  

Choose words that work for you.  Offer this person all that you desire for yourself.  Allow the feelings of golden light and well-being to encompass both of you. 

Take this meditation with you into your life. Offer this meditation in your mind to everyone you encounter:  the bank teller, the grocery clerk, the person who cut you off in traffic, your spouse, parent or child. 

Your life will change.  You will become the change you seek to be in the world.