yoga desk posture

you're probably sitting in a chair right now.
stop and look at your shape:
  • are you slumped into the back of the chair?
  • are your shoulder rounded toward your ears?
  • is your belly loose and collapsed?
  • is your upper chest concave?
  • is your head forward of your chest?
  • are your knees or ankles crossed?
while a chair slump might feel comfortable in the short term, it will yield significant long term body pain. so, lets make some adjustments:
  1. draw yourself forward so you are not leaning into the chair back;
  2. place the soles of both feet on the ground, steady, parallel, and comfortable;
  3. rock your pelvis back and forth and side to side to soften the hip sockets;
  4. find a central alignment for your pelvis, neither hollowed in the belly nor the low back, but balanced, your pubic bone and tail bone feel almost level;
  5. lift your pelvic floor (the trampoline beneath your digestive and reproductive organs);
  6. lift your lower belly;
  7. interlace your fingers and place your palms on your upper chest;
  8. float your heart toward your hands and breath into your palms;
  9. turn your palms away and stretch your arms out in front of you, move your shoulder blades forward and back a dozen times or so, and then gently hold the shoulder blades loose and low on your back;
  10. bring your palms and your interlaced fingers behind your head;
  11. rest your head back into your palms like you resting your head on a pillow;
  12. stretch your elbows wide while you gently lift the back of your head, lengthening your upper neck;
  13. release your hands and arms;
  14. let your upper arms dangle from your shoulder blades;
  15. bend your elbows to rest your hands on your thighs or the desk in front of you;
  16. close your eyes and tune into how your body feels right now.
this position takes strength: ab strength and back strength. When you go back to your work you may find yourself unconsciously returning to your slumped posture. Don't berate yourself. Just notice and then take a moment to bring yourself back into alignment. You may need to do this 100 times a day. And you will be in less pain, happier and stronger at the end of the day for effort.

Here's to a happy and healthy body! Cheers!