Celebrate your body!

Celebrate your body. Your body is your most precious possession. You’ve got this one vehicle to experience life. There are no trade-in’s. These are your feet, your legs, your belly, your chest, your arms, your neck and your head…, your one and only chance to be alive. Love it! Look in the mirror each day and say thank you. Thanks for this opportunity to breath. Thanks for this opportunity to move. Thanks for this opportunity to take in the world.

Look into the mirror and say ‘hello beautiful!’ ‘hello handsome!’ Every time you see your reflection wink and flirt with yourself. Fall in love with your body. Fall so deeply in love with your body that you are willing to give it the best of care.

How to take care of your body: Feed it nourishing, healthy, fresh, delicious food. Eat beautiful fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meats raised as close to your home as possible. Move and exercise your body in a way that you enjoy and that gives you pleasure. Movement should be a joyful celebration of being alive. Find a loving and compatible partner to share intimate touch and pleasure.

Do not abuse your body. Do not self-flagellate. Do not self-injure. Do not self-denigrate. Do not self-chastise. Do not allow others to abuse your body. Do not allow others to poison your mind. Protect your body from abuse, physical, spiritual and emotional. Hold your body up as the sacred and holy vessel that it is. Avoid consuming cultural materials that make you feel inadequate, that is, avoid magazines, television, radio, or any advertising that holds up unhealthy body images as beautiful or normal.

You are worth it. You are worth rejoicing over. You are a miracle, just the way you are!