We are the voice of the holy

It is appalling that a fringe pastor with a congregation of 40 spouting insanity can gain a national and global voice through a press beholden to commercialism and willing to give a microphone to any nutcase whose venom will sell 'papers' by catering to our basest instincts of retribution and revenge.

Pastor Terry Jones is equivalent to Al Qaida and all other religious extremists who perpetrate ignorance and violence in the name of the Holy. I am not a Christian, but I call on all my Christian friends to speak loudly against this man and his actions.

Each of us is the voice the Holy. If religion has any place in society it is to act against our base and violent natures and hold up the holy in each of us. And each of us is responsible if we tolerate and remain silent in the wake of the speech of men like Pastor Jones.