Prayer, Mantra, Intention

Prayer is a means of changing our minds. Prayer is a means of getting inside the mind and shifting its focus. It does not matter whom or what you prayer to. God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, St Francis, Zoraster, Nergal, any one or no one will do the trick. My personal prayers are generic, to an unnamed receiver, or more generically to the universe and all that is. So perhaps the word mantra is a better semantic choice for me. If you don’t like either of those words, think of this as setting your intentions for the day.

My first mantra today was of gratitude. I said thanks to the universe for including me. I was grateful to my body for waking up, to my spouse smiling at me, to the dog thumping her tail at the bedroom door, to the roof over my head, and the delicious warm water that flowed from the shower head.

After bathing I anointed myself, making a tangible and tactile prayer of love and thanks. I rubbed rose-scented cream into my face and invited myself to step into the world with an open mind and willingness to receive what is offered. I rubbed lemon scented shea oil into my arms and hands and I said thank for to them for all the work they do each day. I rubbed shea oil with ‘creativity juice’ into my feet and legs and said thank you for carrying around all day long. And I rubbed ‘mama love’ lotion into my belly and was grateful for my babies (now grown) and my health and the organic functioning of this body. Then I looked in the mirror, smiled at the whole package and said thanks beautiful!

As I walk forward into my day, my ongoing mantra is for willingness. May I continue this morning’s self care ritual with each step of my day. May I be willing to eat healthy, fresh foods that nourish my body. May I be willing to move and exercise in a way that brings joy to my flesh. May this self-care provide the base from which I can help others be happy and at ease in their physical beings. May my small contributions make the world a better place today.

I bow to the miracle of this body. I bow to you and the miracle of you. I bow to this world with awe at the beauty that surrounds me.