Seated Yoga Break for Gardeners

A seated yoga break for gardeners. The standing variation of this sequence is included in the post below.

The Gardener's Yoga Sequence: Standing or Seated is:
Tadasana (Mountain Pose, stand or sit up tall, lifting from arches, pelvic floor, base of ribs and base of skull)
Chest expansion (lace your hands behind your back, lift them
away from your back and stretch open your chest)
Samasthithi (stand or sit tall with arms reaching for the sky, fingers
interlaced and palms facing up)
Chandrasana (crescent pose, from Samasthitihi arch slowly from side
to side and stretch open the sides of your waist and hips)
Parsva Chandrasana (same pose but reach forward and to the
side to stretch into your lower back and your back ribs)
Virabdhrasana (warrior pose, lunge with the back foot turned out and heal down,
interlace your fingers and lift your arms behind your back and then overhead)
Pavritta Virabdhrasana (same pose, but revolved and twisting the chest to face over the front leg)
Parsva Virabdhrasana (warrior 2, with back hand resting on your thigh and front arm reaching for the sky)
Wide legged Utkatasana (stand with feet wide and turned out, come to a
half squat, rest your hands on your knees)
Cat/Cow in wide legged Utkatasana (same pose but
begin to tilt your pelvis, alternately arching your spine toward the sky and toward the earth)