Wooo Hooo!

It is a hope filled week. I can feel it in the air. Everyone is smiling. The sun is shining. We are happy.

Yesterday I was listening to the concert at the Lincoln Memorial on the radio. When Pete Seger and Bruce Springsteen sang "This land is your land" I found myself in tears. Unexpected tears just like when I watched Obama's acceptance speech. I am moved by this moment in history. I can feel my breath and open my eyes and yell WOOOOO HOOOO!

So, do some joyful yoga. Get out your mat. Do a sun salute or two. Let your heart open wide and full. Breath deep. Inhale, exhale, yell, dance, and celebrate.

Here is a quick little Vinyasa to tide you over. I'm working on getting video and stills up for my posts, but I think many of you will be able to follow this:

Come into Dog Pose, well grounded and alive.
Look between your hands and step or jump forward to a squat and then sit down on the floor.
Extend your legs out in front of you and stretch forward into Paschimottonasana (full forward bend).
If your able, hold your big toes with the first two fingers of each hand, if your feet are too far away, hold your ankles, shins or the backs of your knees.
Bend your knees and pull your feet in toward your chest while you come up to balancing on your sitting bones.
Then keeping your hold, extend your legs into a navasana stance and balance there for about 5 breaths.
Gently rock forward, cross your ankles into sukhasana, bow forward and place your hands on the floor in front of your legs and then step your legs back and lift up into Dog Pose again.
Hold Dog pose for 5 breaths before repeating the sequence. Repeat the entire sequence 5 times.