Songs to myself and to you!

The storm gods, the gods of light, of sky, dawn, and wind, the angels, the saints, the demigods and demons, all gaze at you in amazement.

You, your form: seeing you the worlds tremble and so do I.

As you touch the sky my breath stops. (adapted from the Bhagavad Gita)

The heated horse recognizes the taste of cold water
When he comes down to the stream, falling from the mountains,
And when I ride to you, to reach down to your lips, I recognize the delight
of living on earth (Raimaly-aga in Chingiz Aitmatov)


This moment is the life you have. You are a source of wonder. You are the dream. You are a reflection of God.
Use your life well.

The world is Heaven, if we choose to make it so.

Pranayama: sit still, breath into the full expanse of your lungs. Follow your exhale to its final end. Rest in the pause at the end of the exhale. Receive the next inhale as a gift. Fill your lungs with that gift. Rest on the crest of the breath. The exhale till you are completely empty. Pause and then begin again.